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Anonymous3 Now then 🧐
Loz Evening Ben. Nice chicken frying vibes πŸ—
Andy jhh
Andy Now then now then, shout out clare loving the track , and shaziming to no avail πŸ˜›
Andy cheers mate ! oi oi 1
Andy Andy BTW lol
Andy oooooooooooooh !
Bumpin Enjoying this rorz!
Nicolai Ceacescu Bangin' beats Kid Blue
Andy Banging mate !
Annie Loving it Rory, what’s the email address again?
Annie Sorry, that was me, Annie
Anonymous232 looking forward to kestrel shuffle at 14.00
Anonymous232 chilly in arkelby today
dorothy sanderson HI Loz pump out them Vibes
dorothy sanderson Hi loz pump out them vibes its baltic here in plumbland
Anonymous358 Sorry bit late listening in. Greetings from Penshurst xx
Anonymous370 Shout out to Meshell in 19 from The Don and The Crazy Gang!
Anonymous366 Who would of knew that dry granola and pizza flavoured cheese curls help a hangover and of course your superb DJ skills. Much love Liam
Anonymous232 a walk tomorrow might help
Anonymous232 hello penhurst x
Anonymous113 Hello Brother Don in Medway, Garth & Meshell
Anonymous370 Big shout out to the Gazbot from the Medway massive!
Anonymous622 Tunez!
Anonymous622 Marigold Hotel locked
Anonymous681 πŸ”₯
Anonymous630 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Anonymous256 Loving the tunes GG! Adam and Sarah in North London x
deets oioi Gino
Anonymous725 Andy and Clare in Lewisham cooking and loving the tunes x
Anonymous630 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Anonymous803 Hi Laurence from snowy Penshurst. Love loads Lisa and Ken x
Eoin Hey Loz enjoying the show and this track is great
Jack Ruddy Loving the tunes Joe, Jack and Jess in snowy Manchester X
Julie Bell Hi Joe, just tuned in. Hope you are all feeling better.πŸ€— Xx
Jack Ruddy Think it’s fromCasino
Anonymous811 Close, young sir!
Jack Ruddy That was my original thought for the movie- β€˜Karen!
Julie Bell Thanks for another great show Joe. Glad you are better. Hope the girls are
Aleasa Great tunes Uncle Tommy!
Anonymous843 deer tommymakka u bringin sunshine 2 snowy suffolk keep bringing the belters! from mattsteadi
Anonymous848 Yes boy! Been a while since I had pianos outside Eloise's grade 1
Anonymous851 Loving the tunes Tommy! Victoria
Anonymous17 Big up Coops! Luke & Hannah
Jonny Townsend ooosh
Anonymous10 Good work Benji. Birthday shout out for Beef. Locked in with the Bristol crew, Amy, Delphi and Rufus x
Claudia Really enjoying the selection! Thanks! Perfect start of the weekend πŸ™‚
Anonymous28 just tuned in - loving it Ben!
Anonymous630 Strong tune πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Anonymous630 Thanks Rory
Anonymous1002 Nice tunes
Anonymous1020 Morning guys! We’re listening in while we wash the cars 🧽 🚘
Anonymous1007 Go Lamacraft, Tunnnnne
Anonymous1020 Steve, alex and Sasha x
Anonymous1035 Good going joesaphine. J to tha p!
Anonymous998 Nice vibe for a mega grey Wales day. Thanks Jo + stu! Katy X
Anonymous1029 Great tunes! Dancing round the room! Love Jenn, Jack and Leni
Anonymous1040 😁 well this is nice! Suns out, tunes on, egg sandwich made by the kids- #winning! Love jayne
Ky Morrrrrning, team. Bristol locked n loaded. X
Eamon Morning all. Wanna say good luck to my sister Liz who is on at 12.........38 minutes and counting sis lol
Loz Nice vibes Jo & Stu! Love this one Chat image
Anonymous1061 Morning everyone! From Nina and Gracie the cat in Bristol. x*x
Anonymous1013 Loving the tunes and waffles πŸ§‡πŸ§‡πŸ§‡
Anonymous1028 lovely way to start the day. thanks Jo & Stu love Lou & Daisy
Anonymous689 Gooood morning
Anonymous689 Lovely morning to you all, great music!
fibs cmon lizly
Anonymous1002 Enjoyed that x Paul
fibs comin atchya!
fibs Tell us a joke Liz lol
Eamon Terrific Liz x
Anonymous1082 Thank you Liiz, you are sweet! Recognised it right away, good times hey? x*x
Gaz Big sis comin’atcha x
Chelsea Go on Aunty Liz loving it xx
Eamon Tuneeeeeee
Chelsea Tuuuuuuneee
fibs πŸ˜‰
Chelsea ❀️
Danni ❀️
fibs on it like grommit
Eamon Oi oi Si
Anonymous1082 good vibes :-))
Gaz Big luv from the Sussex massive x*x
Eamon pop pickers!!!!!
Anonymous1088 πŸ’œ
Eamon Carefree
Anonymous1092 πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»
fibs YO BRUV
Eamon seeen Si
Chlo Loving it Auntie Liz, great tunes ❀️
The Watson-Parris Listening here whilst baking some cookies! Good vibes!
The Watson-Parris Olivia requests 'Here comes the Sun's by the Beatlea.
Eamon JET !!!!
The Watson-Parris Yes Liz, she got on!
Chlo Chat image
fibs TUNE
Chlo Not far off πŸ€ͺ
Gaz Are you sidekick Simon Fibs?
fibs OH YES
Chelsea Where’s my shout out 🀣🀣🀣
Danni Whoop whoop
Anonymous1082 Can't be loud enough lol
fibs er πŸ˜€
fibs Choon
Anonymous1102 Jason
fibs go on terry!
Anonymous1102 Bit of madness please liz.
fibs always lol
Eamon Arlington House........address!! no fixed abode
Anonymous1088 We πŸ’œ you and your loudness Liz
Eamon Perfect !!!!!!
Gaz All aboard the choon train!!
Gaz I remember nicking Liz’s 7 inch of this
Gaz Or was it yours Ea?
Eamon think it was Liz's lol G
The Watson-Parris Tune!!
fibs knew liz would play this
fibs tune
Anonymous1116 Hi LIz! big up from the Langfield 3 πŸ™‚
Wylis you on the whiskies already, Grannie??? WILD - love it. I'm prepping for an interview on Monday, or I'd join you. Wylis
Wylis Shout out for E.B. in Cockermouth please, My lovely Mam. Wylis
Anonymous1062 Hoskers is involved!
Gaz This time next week she’ll be addicted to toblerone and driving to Dundee in her bare feet.
fibs A-Ha!
Gaz Still no call from Sue Lawley tho!!!
fibs give her a 2nd series you s***s
Anonymous960 Hi Liz hope it's going well cuz Ray xx
Eamon All the best Ray
Gaz Ditto. Much love Ray x
Danni Whisking you better ray, happy birthday
Danni Wishing*
Anonymous1082 We want more Lizism! x
Danni Well done liz (mum)
The Watson-Parris Cool seeds Liz, well done!
Anonymous1082 Lol
fibs nice 1 lizlymunchkin..x
Anonymous1124 Fantastic Liz! xxxx
Eamon well done Liz xx
Chlo Well done Auntie Liz πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ
Anonymous1082 Great show Liz! x
The Watson-Parris Lol meant 'cool sess'
Anonymous1082 Yes
Wylis Please can I get a shout out for my lovely Mam: E.B. in Cockermouth.

Love from Wylis x
Wylis Please can I get a shout out for my lovely Mam: E.B. in Cockermouth.

Love from Wylis x
Anonymous1138 Mr. Loz. Luv da dub. Shout to kokokoko
Eeebee Cheers Loz marra, betterdays fm is cheering up a very blonket day in Cockers xx
Wylis Loz is a world class DJ
Eeebee Big up the Cumbrian massive..
Wylis Wherever you have moved to, wherever you live, wherever you go... you will always be a Cumbrian. They can't take that away from you.
Anonymous1148 Jusst tuned in - late soz. Been sanding floors upstairs. x
Wylis Chat image
Anonymous1148 Got to keep busy in these weird times. Not sure you have any idea who I am, have you, Wylis!!
Anonymous1148 You're right.
Anonymous545 Afternoon bruv.
Anonymous1148 Sanding - just about the worst job in the world. Finished for today now to de-dusting.
Eeebee Lol, sanding stories!
Eeebee I've got one actually, using a large one like a lawnmower when the handle detached & the the betard smashed straight into 200 year old woodwork under the window at speed!
Eeebee Decided not to bother after that!
Anonymous1148 Those big sanding machines are vicious. I've given up with them. Hand held for me now. Good arm work out.
Anonymous545 How did this turn into a home improvement forum?
Wylis Anonymous1148 the name isn't giving much away
Eeebee It was swiftly returned to the hirers...
Wylis Anonymous1148 all the best though!!!
Garthy Great set...tune after tune....Top Banana! Meshell πŸŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š
Eeebee Wylis had left when Loz gave it away!
Wylis I've not got the audio on - I'm on a Zoom funeral, sadly.
Anonymous1148 Ahh. Home improvement? Isn't that what we are all doing at the moment?
Anonymous1148 Sorry to hear Wylis.
Wylis My friend's dad died of C19, a month after his brother did. Nightmare
Wylis Anonymous1148 who are you then??
Anonymous1148 Loz's mum - Katharine. Long time no see.
Wylis Hi, Kath. I hope you are well. XX
Anonymous1148 very thank you. enjoying the show very much. trying to eat my lunch but can't stop moving long enough to get food to mouth. could market this as a slimming aid.
Wylis I've successfully used a "dance" diet in the past.
Wylis Intermittent and prolonged fasting are doing the job right now. 6 Stone off in 3 months. And still fat!
Wylis Lean by May is the objective.
Anonymous1148 Well done.
Wylis tyvm
Anonymous963 test
Jonny Townsend test2
Anonymous963 helllllo - cant wait to go live this weekend - some amazing shows scheduled!!
Loz Ah ha!
Benga81 Nice tunes, currently digesting curry while missus puts daughter to bed
Claudia Nice tunes! really enjoying it!
4Lines Morning Eoin & Catherine! Listening in x
4Lines Morning Eoin & Catherine! Listening in x
Anonymous981 Hello! Catherine and Eoin, listening from sunny Birmingham. Its Matt!
Anon1177 Some bangin’ tunes to start my Saturday! Sarah in Tufnell Park xx
Anon1196 Listening in sunny Shepherd’s Bush!
Anon1198 Hello from Iain, Alli, Eva and James listening in from N1 xxxx
Anon1197 Good morning, Catherine and Eoin! Sounding good south of the river! Xx
Anon1197 It’s Mark from SE5 btw, sorry! Xx
Anon1199 Hey Eoin and Catherine! Listening in from N13 - loving some sunny California soul! Robbie, Seiko, Sumi & Kii x
Wylis iHola Folkls!
Wylis I'm pleased you went for it, Loz: but your ability to assess whether something is going to be a ball ache or not... has not improved as you've aged!
Wylis MY dad always calls these things "5 minute jobs" where it ends up being a serious effort for several hours!
Loz Ha - it felt like some serious effort. The sandpit is now filled but he's inside watching b****y PokΓ©mon!
Loz Ah s**t look it asterisks out what it thinks are swears.
Wylis shyte
Wylis What it thinks are swears, PMSL!
Loz Ha, swears are a matter of opinion. That's my angle and I'm sticking to it. s**t head
Wylis I swear down, ayyy
Loz Honest to god eh
Wylis Shout out to EeeBee in Cocker pls
Wylis Low FODMAPs is good: but now I'm doing IF and prolonged fasting, I can eat whatever I want with no grief... rest lets the gut repair.
Wylis So, er, consider it atop the low FODMAPs
Wylis I'm playing poker - does that count?
Wylis Cheeky this one, Badhand
Loz Might try that but reckon the onions will still kill me
Loz IBS chat on betterdaysfm
Wylis yeah - possibly, but sub leek and garlic!!
Wylis I'm used to your BS chat, so you have only added one letter
Anonymous622 Shout out to starzy and wheezy! Love the choon Loz.
Anon1235 Loving the tunes, Joe. First time listeners, Nastasia and Lou.
George601 Yo yo what's going on here!
George601 Let's have a birthday boogie!!
KING COOP Yo georgy
George601 Whagwarning!
George601 Serious bashment here
KING COOP Yeah who'd have though eh...
KING COOP or thought even
George601 Ah the dear departed Daft Punk I think the news travelled around the world.
George601 I did my homework
George601 Ooh cheeky...
KING COOP oh lord
Anonymous57 Loving the vibe β€πŸ“»
Anon1363 Some amazing music incoming this weekend! Fantastic shows lined up!
JonnyT Boooming! awesome music!
J2 BRAZIL CREW If youΒ΄re in the jungle and your not a lion you will die...
Loz Morning Jo and Stu - loving these tunes. Bringing some audio sunshine to grey Walthamstow!
Anonymous1037 x*x
Anonymous1037 x*x
Anonymous232 Arrived on time!! How is the chicken cooking going?
Anonymous232 Lazy Sunday afternoon music. Just off to varnish the stairs - need somehging a bit speedier.
Anonymous232 That's better
Wylis How dee??
Wylis Curry kept me up all night last night. Totally worth it. Ceylon's where it's at, Baby!
Loz Ha ha, more Saturday afternoon bowel chat
Ky Hi Laurence
Ky Hello from Bristol
Ky It's Ky, you pump
Ky I'm drinking a delicious coffee too...
Anonymous232 Hello Ky - hope things are good with you.
Anon1475 Word up Loz. Enjoying the show dude. Love Jonesy!
Ky Done. Happy now?
Loz Actually, change it back πŸ˜‚
Wylis Ky lad
Anonymous17 Loving this one
Ky Wyl, eeeeasy now
Ky Laurence. FU
Danny Webb yes mate, I'm in xx Down front left in my living room, right near the speaker!
Eoin Hey Darren enjoying the show so far. And this last track has been amazing
Anon1536 Wooop
Anon1545 Yay Chat image
Anon1545 Was great! Thanks:)
Anon1545 (Joa)
Lauri K Put your hands up for Detroit!
Lauri K Used to grab lunches with Nathan Micay in uni
Lauri K What a legend
Lauri K Cheers for the shout out, a bit earlier in the day for me but great tunes for work
Anon1196 Listening whilst on my Saturday morning charity run. #nolongerlisteningtospotify!
Anonymous232 did anyone hear Loz then? - I didn't
Anonymous232 hello everyone from a grey Cumbria, today
Wylis Hi, Loz
Wylis Big Mothering Sunday shout out to EeeBee - and to Kath
Wylis and to Paul Sr and the Thornhill Massive
Anonymous232 Thank you Wylis. That's better Loz - heard that.
Anonymous232 hope you have the curly grey wig to go with David
Anon1592 Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air...
Anon1594 Walthamstow πŸ₯°
Anonymous232 If you are playing the actual tapes the reproduction is not half bad
Anonymous232 oy - that's mine
Anonymous232 anybody doing it with me?? I hadn't realised how dodgy some of this is
Anon1538 Hey Joe, its good to hear you, and loving the music. Fran
Anonymous811 Thanks for tuning in!
Anon1600 Wow Joe. Loved that track....Jules
Anonymous811 cheers, Jules!
Anon1600 Joe what was her name again please? Jules
Anonymous811 Shelea, track is called Grace
Anon1600 Nige is even bopping along to this one Joe.
Anon1600 Just a little bit loving it!!
Anon1538 Loving the music, Joe. Bring on the 80's. Fran
Anon1538 What a tune! Fran
Anonymous811 Yeesss!!
George601 Yo!!!
George601 In here like swimwear
George601 My show is on tonight too,8 til 10 on BreaksFM,
Anon1649 I am 65yo and listening to your show in Australia. Biog Missy Elliot fan. I enjoyed that one. Love the concept.
Anon1649 I saw Lou Reed in Melbourne Festival Hall in 1974. ACDC where his support act, back when they were a Glam Rock band.
Anon1725 hi
Anon1741 Hello Rory, from Jen and Gaz in Bristol. πŸ™Œ
Anon1741 πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
BustMasta BarryDark Huge choons and great mixing KB! Enjoyed ever slice thus far.
BustMasta BarryDark Love BarryDark
Anon1806 top of the morning from Matt & Freyja, big love x*x
Anon1806 brap brap brap πŸ™‚
Anonymous998 Hi listening from the other end of Wales - hope spring sunshine turns up soon. Much love Katy x
Anon1469 Hello πŸ‘‹ listening to you while doing some work on converting our van. Can you ask my partner Gareth nicely to come and help me with the insulation now please πŸ˜… Enjoying the tunes πŸ‘ Tess 😊
Garthy Hay Andy, Good afternoon to you Sir. Could you put a shout out to Liz Watson and tell her to get out of her lazy bed! Also a shout out to Garthy & his Dad Mick is in Rochester. Great Show.😎
BustMasta BarryDark Nice work Andy. Bustin' Blues luncheon going on over here in Telegraph Hill.
Anon1814 Hi It's Paulina😜
Anon1590 Just in from cleaning out the hen house! Girls say hi! Lots of love from Penshurst xxxx
BustMasta BarryDark Ruddy love this BoC track
Anonymous607 Loving the vibes tonight
Anonymous28 thanks
fibs go girls
Anon1890 loving the tunes!!
Jakey Nice Sunday vibes. Keep it going love always
Anon1874 Morning ladies. We're Jabbin' we're Jabbin' . Great show. You tow are a double act. A very likeable one. Keep up the good show. Julian in Norwich. Shout out to G Man pls
Anon1874 You TWO
fibs mystic meesh
Anon1896 Maceo and the Macks, and the rest.... loving the tunes! Chris M x
fibs Rubbish! πŸ˜€
fibs Great show thanks x
Garthy its working πŸ˜€
BustMasta BarryDark Liking the future slow-jams. Perfect painting a son's room music... which is precisely what we're up to!
BustMasta BarryDark Ah!- and good old Plantlife too. Total classic.
Anon1331 Hey Shanaz, enjoying so far. Thank you
Garthy Lovin the Irish Nod. πŸ™‚
Garthy Shout out to The Rochester......Till we meet again., Miss you!
Garthy Great Tune.
Anon2008 Timothy is loving the tunes Catherine! Victoria x
4Lines Great 2nd breakfast as always! Thank you x
Anon2032 Hi Loz. Liking the tunes you’ve started with. love from Lisa and Ken
Klaus tuned in laaaaaaaaa Klaus
Franqy Tuned in Jonny mate ++ Franqy
Anonymous689 Jonnnnyyyyyy Tttttttttttt
JOnny T New one from me
JOnny T under my Pseudonym Somewhere Else
JOnny T N Tings
JOnny T Loops N Tings
JOnny T πŸ˜€
JOnny T gonna smash it out, feeling naughty
Franqy Wicked Jonny
Franqy New one from me πŸ˜› @Franqy_Cloud Of Swing πŸ™
JOnny T This is Joesph Joyce - Beefa - Terry Francis remix
Klaus f**king love this Henpeck beast
Klaus henrick schwarz!!!!
JOnny T new one incoming from me
Franqy Noooiiiice!!
Klaus nice tune Jonny lad
JOnny T play onnnn!!!!
Klaus loved the tunes matey
Anonymous622 Shout to Al Habtoor
JOnny T hey al
JOnny T Terry Francis rules
JOnny T his tune is siiick
JOnny T This is Luke Vibert - Heard it all B4
JOnny T its techno time
Anon2065 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœŠβœŠβœŠβœŠ
Anon2061 Great music πŸ™‚ Tenor saxofon is wow ):)
Anon2061 Fists of Fury by Kamasi Washington was fantastic! Thanks πŸ™‚
TBone Sounding great, Mark! Loving the selections so far!
TBone -Tammy
Anon2127 Yo this is great mark!
Anon2127 Chat image
Anon2127 M
Anon2127 mmmm
Anon2061 The sound of the bass always reminds me AladΓ‘r Pege from Hungary πŸ™‚
Anon2061 Thank you very much... πŸ™‚
Anon2128 Great show Shark
Anon2037 Thanks! It's bene a blast!
Anon2094 I aint no fool πŸ™‚
Anon2094 loving the show x
Anonymous232 Hello from sunny but cold Cumbria to other locals and the French arm of the Stokely Ski team.
Anon1590 Hello from Penshurst. Ted and Yash here today and say Hi too xx
Anonymous232 Congrats on a great year of good music. Well done to all.
Anonymous232 Also congrats to Loz on completing a twleve and half mile run yesterday, backwards.
Anonymous232 Hello to the Penhurst - mob. I'm picking up the lingo!!
Anon2277 yooooo
Anon1592 Hi, Loz. Thanks. For a lovely year of tuneage. Shout out to EeeBee please. Mr Wylis x
Garthy Happy Birthday Better Days, Loving the set, kitchen dancing.🀩
Anon2214 Nice work, Loz. El Bob
Anon1600 Hi Joe, just joined the show. At your Mom's so we all listening in. Jules
Anon2214 Shouts to yas Island
Anon2317 Toot
fibs cmon lizly!
Purdy Oi Oi
fibs purdy not in
fibs got no audio?
Purdy cant hear anything
Purdy thats better
Purdy maybe not lol
fibs bogie nights more like lol
fibs I think ive found a new note,
fibs somewhere between a and b
Purdy ere, therees a party down Kitchener road
fibs these these are chalk!
fibs lets smash his motah up
Purdy go in there Jim you'll love it
Purdy Chooooon
Tryout_D Well done, i enjoyed dat xx
Anon2407 Locked in from Kefalonia x
Anon2407 Requesting any tunes from the Bad Boy CHILLA CREW Lolz
JonnyTn2325 broadcasting live
JonnyTn2325 hope youre enjoying the show
JonnyTn2325 fire in any requests
JonnyTn2325 bier tect rdh fail there, too wrong neddgle off wron
JonnyTn2325 as gonnt na tr hts bu10 is enough
JonnyTn2325 kast tune made the 6 hour maek
JonnyTn2325 haooy birthday all abd good bgith!
MarvMarv some tasty eggs there Gaz!
MarvMarv i assume i've missed the greatest resurection rwn based
MarvMarv song there is - all rise by the mighty blue
Gaz Thanks!
Gaz ThT was fun!
Anon2526 I wear Crocs through the week
Anon2526 πŸ’ƒπŸŽΆ
Anon2604 Nice πŸ‘
Gumbo Loving these tunes PP!
Lizzie Superb selection and mixing!!@@
Lizzie Living it !
Lizzie Loving!!!
Lizzie M
Lizzie Lol
Gumbo Tune
fibs give it some welly!
Gumbo Great set Paddy!!!
Anon2642 Sounding top, Lozenge. Luv, Bob a couple George nd Anthea
Anon2642 Lol. Bob, George and Anthea
Loz Ha ha cheers Bob a couple!
Loz Am prerecorded this week so can't shout out but good to hear you're enjoying πŸ™ŒπŸ½
Anon2739 JonnyT and DJ Brooklyn Zoo - ON AIR
Anon2770 Yo!
Anon2739 toot toot
Gino Hi all.
Anon2851 Brap brap, bring on the funky vibes! F&Mning
Anon2851 You better be dancing Stu
Anonymous1013 Better days playing out from the dunes of Camber Sands
Anonymous232 Good luck
Anon2856 Big shout out to all the Daddies with the house to themselves today, G&T in the garden wizard cigarette in the ashtray bliss boy Rory
Loz Ha ha is that Rory M?
Anon2869 Sounding good from the other side, Loz. Love Prince Philip
Anonymous232 Well done hope Stokely is still in one piece
Andy B oi oi
Tryout_D lounging in da sun to Lizz xx
Tryout_D Well Done xx
Anon2941 LoKeKeep the tunes fired up K-Lo. Locked in from Kefalonia - We're still locked down here. EZ, Manta and Baby Leon (especially) are waiting for the pubs and clubs of kefaloniak greece to re-open. Until then you are our connection to london - that and the dark web! Loving the Sunday Vibes. X
Stu mckenna Go on jules !!!
Jane K Music is the answer!
Anon2207 Easy Theo. Hi from Sydney
Anon2207 Sorry its Zak
Anon2207 πŸ™‚
Pat Any way to listen to Mark Szarko's show? (This past Sunday's?)
Andy Ba Yo
Andy Ba Ky
Carl This is a banger!
Fibzy Oioi
Fibzy Oioi tune
Anon3182 Tube
Anon3182 Tune πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Anon3190 Listening in
Anon3190 Liz listening in Dev
Anon3190 Debbie
Anon3240 What’segf
Anon3240 What’s up liz
Francois de Bonsoir Yo wassup?
Tia Love the tunes xx
Tia Loving the beats
0alexalex of Love of Love 0 Shout out for Alex of Love learning lines in Clapham
0alexalex of Love of Love 0 Please
0alexalex of Love of Love 0 Xx
0alexalex of Love of Love 0 And yes, I've managed to mess up my user name spectacularly. What?
Wingchun81 Jumping all over the place
Wingchun81 Happy daze Sir
Anon3350 Hi anyone there
VitmainT Love it
VitmainT Chat image
Anon3369 Lia: Love your music
Anon3373 Vitamins T is illegal
Anon3520 When you know you know - acid dad project
Kid Blue Loving the late night vibes!
Anon3488 When you know... you know
Anon3488 Absolute tune!
Anon3529 Brap brap, morning Jo and Stu! can't believe you're leaving Wales πŸ™ with you for a quick bit before heading out to plant 100 trees in a hedge fxx
Anon3529 πŸ™‚
Anon3529 Big up the tunes, thanks for getting us going! Gotta head out to the field, keep brining the great tunes x*x
Anon3528 ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ you know who this is!
Anon3542 Bongo Bingo Jingo
Anon3659 Wgrb
Jannarse Loving the Rubio’s Cube Rewind! Miss you guys!
Jannarse *Rubik’s
Fibzy Choon
Garthy Liking the theme approach Jonny!
Anon3679 yes you're on it's PB
Anon2419 Can hear you mum xx
Anon2419 Rae said hello nanna liz xx
Anon3683 Hey Liz
Anon3683 AJ from Boston
Anon3683 We can hear ya!!! <3
Anon3679 clash or BAD?
Anon3703 Loving the tunes Liz - Julie from Epping forest x
Anon3701 Hello to Simon from Gibraltar
Anon3257 Hey cuz enjoying the tunes here across the water in our wee little town of Borrisokane, Ireland. Love you lots xx
Anon3306 LeΓ―la from france, living at hambourg with P ! We are looking forward to meet Mrs. SUN too, over here!
Fibzy Hello Gib
Fibzy Was the clash..
Fibzy From Sandanista
Anon3705 Yes
Anon4005 Go on the lama !! Matt
Anon4021 Big up the Rose!
Anon4038 What a set you two!
Anon4038 And what a tune to end on!
Anon4276 Loving the show. Do you know if I can stream to Sonos?
RoYa Enjoying the show πŸ™‚
Garthy Gosh!!!
Anon4762 Anon2061 hi, Mark, here I am with you enjoying your show πŸ™‚ Cage Birds Singing was amazing for me...
Anon4762 Caged Bird, sorry... πŸ™‚
Anon2037 didn't see this during my show, but so glad you liked that tune! "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" is such a great poem, and used to such great effect in that song!
Anon5221 Hello from North Cumbria. Warm and sunny here. Happy birthday Amy.
Jay Stewart Nice!
Loz Nice start Jay! Not heard Happy in ages
Anon5352 Good vibes🎢
collider SOPHIE <3
Anon2199 What was the amazing Motor City Drum Ensemble track that SHANAZ'S EPOCH SESSIONS started with?
Anon2214 Tune
Anon2214 Shout to the Warwick bums, please Al
FrankieSays Yes yes!!!! Tuuuuune xx
Nick D Hi Frankie! Thanks for tuning in! πŸ™‚
Anon2905 Sounding good Mrs N!!! X
LindaMd Loving the tunes! x
LindaMd Loving the tunes! x
Yet Another Gus Yet Another gus
Big G Loving this Jules
Big G Compliments the weather perfectly!
Jonesy Word up Loz. Loving the tunes brother. Sat in the garden topping up me tan. Hope to see you at Mitchell’s birthday gathering. Man hugs Jonesy x
Jonesy How about a full play of Cut Copy’s Sun God. Love that track dude
Fibz Yo
Fibz wheres my rope...
Fibz πŸ™‚
petebones afternoon ladies
Meshell Weather And a good afternoon to you ☺️
Anon5923 Love it Liz! Greetings from Hamburg πŸ€—
Meshell Weather Hello Hamburg. πŸ˜ƒ
Anon5934 Hi from Patsy x
Meshell Weather 😘
Meshell Weather Perfect hangover tunes soft and dreamy. πŸ˜ƒ
Anon5934 Very soothing and chilling, needed that, thanks x
NEEN Hello from a rainy Swedish West Coast
NEEN Rainy but beautiful 😎🌞
Anon5947 Great job cuz xx
Anon5934 Admin!
Meshell Weather Hope to have brought some sunshine into your day 🌞
Meshell Weather Anon5947 πŸ˜€
Fibz need more weather!
Zak Hey Theo, big shout out from Sydney - back in Lockdown for 2 weeks after living free for about a year. A bit weird but good to be back listening live to BDfm vs via Mixcloud
Anon6072 Now this is a tune! Mark πŸ™πŸ»
Reuben Rude baseline!
Reuben Bassline even
Reuben No New Order Jules???
monzilla_music yes jay stewart
monzilla_music great set my friend πŸ™‚
monzilla_music thanks for the support πŸ˜‰
Philmon Great tunes Jay 😎
Miguel Beautiful
Miguel Have a good weekend Drastic Shuffle!
Anon6120 Hiya Andy love the deep summer blues Garthy
Anon6122 hi Garthy ! cheers !!
garrett hi all! welcome to the mix!
Anon6193 Big up Hughy D
Anon6176 I feel that I have to make it clear that I did not ask to be called Hughy D.
Anon6199 Yes, Brothers! Mr Wylis x
GroupyLove Disco Disco Disco
GroupyLove Is that Jav?
Anon6198 toot toot
Anon6229 hi
Anon6257 Does this work?
Anon6258 Looks like it!
Anon6368 Crofton Park Crew Locked in B-Dizzle
Anon6508 can't hear voices - just beats
Anon6527 cant hear anybody talking and music fading in and out..
Anon6508 yeah boyeeee
Anon6508 Beats + Pieces -> slammmmamamammming!
Anon6508 "What's the name of the jam?"
Anon6540 Control!!!
Anon6508 Cue Tips n Dashy D - respect. from Hardcore One!
Anon6508 that trumpet is superb
Anon6527 turn up your mic fella...
Anon6508 Gang Starr is dope
Anon6508 commercial with an rough edge
Anon6508 respect - good show
Anon6548 Hello to all fellow Cumbrians.
Anon6548 We'll join you
Marie Morning Liz xx
Anon6585 hey liz, stevee here! Loving the tracks g! x
Anon6613 Hey Liz...(very) long time no see. Saw the show and thought I'd drop the tunes. Merry Xmas - Darren McDonagh


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